Peppadew® Pickled Onions add zing to regular salad dishes. Try a few in your tuna salad, they’re a treat with pickled herring and warm boiled potatoes and add some serious flavour to a Panzanella salad.

  • Peppadew® Mild Pickled Onion Clear Vinegar

    The mild pickled onion in clear vinegar shares the same flavouring of delicious pickled onions-infused with a sour tang and not as spicy compared to the hot pickled onions. The highest quality onions ensure this product is certain to please straight from the jar.

  • Peppadew® Hot Pickled Onion Clear Vinegar

    This blend of flavouring offers pickled onion lovers with something special. Peppadew’s hot pickled onion in clear vinegar is a taste sensation as it combines the sour taste of white vinegar with the heat from the added chilli spice.

  • Peppadew® Mild Pickled Onion Brown Vinegar

    The mild pickled onion in brown brine is a crunchy appetite cleanser that introduces a milder, saltier exploration of flavours, with a slightly sweeter undertone.

  • Peppadew® Hot Pickled Onions Brown Vinegar

    The brown brine variety of pickled onions presents a sweeter taste with more complex undertones and combined with the hot pickled onions produces a delicious flavour that is unique to the Peppadew® brand.