Peppadew® Pickled Jalapenos add a spicy bite to omelettes, turn macaroni and cheese into a feast for adults and is the perfect ingredient for a hot marinade over grilled meats, fish or chicken. They’re also a great pick-me-up for a savoury batch of scones.

  • Peppadew® Mild Jalapeño Halves

    The mild jalapeno halves blend the unique Peppadew® sweet heat flavour while completely fulfilling the heat characteristics jalapenos are recognized for. Grill them for a delicious snack, or topping on a burger, and taste how these flawless, scrumptious peppers add instant flavourful heat.

  • Peppadew® Mild Jalapeño Cones

    Our mild jalapeno cones are medium-sized chilli peppers and are known for having mild to moderate heat, with the subtle flavour of our unique Peppadew® brine. Perfect for stuffing with a variety of ingredients, these cones also make for the most delicious jalapeno poppers.

  • Peppadew® Hot Jalapeño Slices

    If you love jalapeno’s and are inclined to put them on sandwiches, pizza or wraps but are looking for that extra heat, then our hot jalapeno slices will do the trick. These high-quality jalapenos are already sliced to perfection and ready for you to use as you wish.