PEPPADEW® products not only transform menus for food service, they can be easily used as an ingredient in a variety of products: creating innovative, high-quality and versatile food solutions.

Supplying various food manufacturers, such as bakeries, sausage and pizza manufacturers, as well as a multitude of other producers, the possibilities with PEPPADEW® are endless.


Mild Whole and diced Piquanté Peppers, we use in hundreds of different ways….. on sandwiches; in salads, stews and marinades, dips and scrambled egg; with chicken, meat, seafood and cheese.

Create a Martini with a kick, a chicken tikka with real flavour and a chocolate mousse with pizzazz. Piquanté Peppers transform absolutely everything! So whether it’s pizza from Italy, a quesadilla from Mexico, paella from Spain or a rosti from Germany, a swirl of PEPPADEW® Sweet Piquanté Peppers will simply make it a winner!